Thank God

Tracy wrote:

Yes, there will be more pictures. We figured it out - there's about 90 square feet of quilt there (2x7, 6x7, 2x7 and 4x5'). It also took me about 90 hours of at-the-machine-with-my-foot-on-the-pedal machine quilting. We have all sorts of numbers (how many spools of thread, yards of fabric, etc.) that we'll share. Soon.

And I realize that I didn't finish the machine quilting description, leaving you at Step 2 or something like that. I'll add that, too, if you're really all that interested.

If you want to take the trip with us from the beginning, start ta-clickin' on the Week numbers on the sidebar over there on the left.

Oh, and if there's a design or construction detail that was NOT discussed ad nauseum and you actually WANT to know about it, feel free to ask. I have a little bit more free time now, doncha know.


Lindi said...

They're magnificent! They will be appreciated by many for years to come.

Carol E. said...

Breathtaking!! Wow!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing work gone into this, well done,
Thankyou for a great blog

Sarcastic Quilter said...

I just stumbled upon this and all I have to say is this is AMAZING and inspirational. I've thought many times about doing some smaller wallhangins for my church (either for Fr. to hang or use for fundraisers at the bazaar) and this just gives me the final nudge to do it. thanks for sharing!