Re: Squeezing Out Some Squares

Jean wrote:

Okay, I'll bring all the rest of the swiss cheese opulence tomorrow, unless you want it today. I think then you'll be able to do it. I need 4 blocks. Instead of 16 little B blocks (above and below Steve), I decided 4 large blocks would be more sane. I know I thought I could just cut 16 pieces from fabric and now do pieced blocks, but that's just as crazy.

Let me know if you want to mark and cut today to get it over with. Otherwise I'll bring it tomorrow and you can give them to me on Tues.

I have ALL the stargazer blocks cut and only one set to sew making two sets of half blocks. Whoopppeeeee.

I'm planning on bringing you a narrow quilt Tuesday. There's a lot of quilting ahead.

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