Inspiration and Collaboration

Jean  wrote:

The center quilt awaits Steve. His fans, or rather his kaleidoscopes are anxious to meet him.

It suddenly occurred to me, that beside Nadelstern's workshop, I was looking at the inspiration for the quilt everyday. It was my living room rug!

And while I work on the center quilt (waiting for Tracy to finish dressing Steve and finding a suitable background) and the rose window, the 2nd narrow quilt pieces comfortably wait their turn.

I was talking with my Woodland friends Saturday eve over dinner at Playa Azul in Kalama, and telling them what a joy it is to work in this collaboration with a person who truly collaborates. It's easy for two people to try to control all aspects of a project instead of just doing their part. What a pleasant experience!

Though it has been referred to in a number of posts, here's a picture of the Stargazer Fabric - before it was turned into Swiss cheese!

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