NEW! The New Filing System

Tracy wrote:

Dear Readers,

The blog was becoming quite cumbersome, loading every picture and post each time you came to visit. The phrase "like an elephant skipping through peanut butter" comes to mind.

I haven't dumped any of the information, just changed the labelling so that there are 5 or 6 posts on each page, instead of the 41 there was when I had this bright idea.

The labels are cleverly titled as "week one", "week two", etc. (I guess my cleverness for the week has been used up) and you can get to them from the sidebar.

No, these really aren't posts from weeks one through whatever. They're just sets of 5 posts.

You can still click on the more descriptive labels (design, kaleidoscope, etc.) on the sidebar to get to posts that talk about those specific things.

Happy (and speedy) reading.

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