She's not so quick, but she's clever

Tracy wrote:

I've been trying to keep track, and (based on the number of audio books that I've listened to), I'm at about 72 hours for machine quilting.

Yes, 72 hours sitting at my sewing machine.  I'm not telling you this because I'm looking for a poor baby.  No exclamations of awe are required.  It's just background to what I'm about to share.

I have to take my glasses off when machine quilting.  Usually I stick them in the neckline of my sweatshirt (greatly increasing the probability of smudges from my chin when I look down just so).  Sometimes I live dangerously and lay my glasses on my sewing table - running the risk of losing them amongst the clutter (and of course it's hard to look for my glasses when I can't see because I'm not wearing my glasses).

71.5 hours into my quilting odyssey, I had an idea.

Here's my cel-phone purse thing-y, larks-headed over the neck of my quilting floor lamp that's located between me and my sewing machine.

Where do I sign up for the local Mensa group?

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