Re: The Motif Search Begins

Jean wrote:

Yep - 85.25 or 85.5 depending on the amount of stretch. The pattern is right between the two, so I guess we're as close as we're going to get.

BTW, the side borders were cut at 3.25, while the top and bottom borders were cut at 2.75, so all 4 borders aren't 3" unless the top and bottom have grown. Be careful. From seam to raw edge, top and bottom should be 2.5.

Maybe share the theme of the quilting a little later. It's only the beg of Feb. Hard to believe we've just started the 2nd month. Well, okay, the first week is gone, and there's only 3 weeks in March.

Talk about tedium. I've been taping and taping and trimming and taping the rose window. Then bias taping. I just started the third wheel of bias, so for sure we're going to need at least 5. That narrow quilt takes 8 yards just going up and down the white strips.

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