The Motif Search Begins

Tracy wrote:

Okay, I got out the small panel and measured it.  From seam to raw edge, all 4 borders are 3".  Taking away 1/4" for binding and leaving 1/4" *air* on each side of a motif gives me a width of 2.25" with which to work.

Measuring horizontally, I get 24.5", raw-to-raw.

VERTICALLY, I get 85.25".  Is that right? I could have measured incorrectly (there aren't many uncluttered places that are 7' long or longer in my house).

Motif Math, part 1 Through some serious math-gymnastics, listening to Mr. Algebra spouting off just like HE hadn't slept through HIS classes, and a touch of pin-the-tail-on-the-fraction, I've come up with a projected motif size of 2.25 x 9.5".

Okay, true confession here:  The math-nastics actually led me to 2.25 x 4.75", but when I figured out that I was going to hand-draw FORTY motifs for just ONE of the SMALL quilts, I got inventive.  It was either that or a(nother) nap, and it was already 9:30 at night.

Don't bother trying to figure how my figurin' works out.  It's kinda like a secret ingredient.  Or magic.

Trust me.
Motif Math, Part 2

Next up, going through 5 or 10 inspiration books for... uh... inspiration.

Do you think that we should share the quilting theme?

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