Bump In the Road

Tracy wrote:

Jean worked so hard to get one of the 4 quilts finished so that I could start applying mass quantities of thread to it.  (The last large quilt I did had over a mile of thread ON it - that didn't count what was used to put it together in the first place)   She unveiled it while we were at a meeting in Vancouver. 

The quilt top is stunning.  I know, it's not fair to say that and not show a picture, but there ya go.  Absolutely stunning.

The quilt top is also still in Vancouver.  I managed to leave it safely stashed under the coffee table next to where I was sitting.  Didn't remember it until we were past Ridgefield, and it was late in the day and it was rain-snow-slush-Slurpee-ing, so we didn't turn around and go back to get it.


Guess what I'm doing on Friday?

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