Leading done!

Jean wrote:

Hot dang! I finished the rose window leading. The little Clover iron was a must, as it had to fit in between the leading lines. I just left it on the entire time I was sewing down the leading so I could reattach loosened sections.

The circular leading was so easy (it was about time something was easy). Only one start and stop per circle, so I just ironed and sewed, ironed and sewed.

Boy, that black leading really eats up the light. I just aimed the needles where I wanted them to go, as my eyes could only see black. When the sun came out, I saw stitches! I'd recommend you set up your machine outside on a sunny day to do those borders!!

Spent most of yesterday morning online looking for things to put in the triangular corners of the rose window. I bought a few things as well as the scroll cross.

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